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Twice a month, the wine restaurant “Weinbau” dedicates an evening to the former meat
establishment “To Beef or Not to Beef”. The finest specialities from the Antica Macelleria
Cecchini are served in a first-class menu.
Sushi del Chianti
Tonno del Chianti
Arista in Porchetta

Arrosto Fiorentino 

Bistecca Panzanese

Bistecca Fiorentina

Cannellini Bohnen

Grappa und Cantucci

Mineral Wasser
Preis pro Person 55,00
Next Event: 20.09.2022
Event starts at 7:00pm
 ** To confirm the reservation we ask for an advance payment of € 30 per person, the remaining sum will be calculated at the end of the event.